Garraf Wineries Tour

In this amazing guided tour you will know about Garraf wine tradition and how it is elaborated by visiting two very different wine cellars. The first one will be Vega de Ribes, a traditional and ecological growing winery. After the visit, we will start a 30 minutes easy walk among vineyards. During the walk we will see the flora of this incredible place and we will find huge houses built in the early 20th century. Our walk will end in the second wine cellar, Torre del Veguer, which is located in an old medieval monastery. You will do a guided visit to know about how they elaborate the wine and in the end, you will enjoy a pairing of 4 wines and 7 tasty tapas… the perfect brunch!


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The price includes the transport from Sitges and the guide.
The availability of each Tour may vary according to the season of year. For more than ten people groups: all tours are available at any time of the year. Contact us, we'll organize it!

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Visit to the wine cellars, wine tasting and pairings

During the tour we will visit following wineries and make a wine tasting:

Visit and Wine tasting

Visit and Wine tasting at Vega de Ribes Wineries

Wines & Tapas pairing

Visit the wineries + wines and tapas paring. The perfect brunch!


Check available dates for this Tour. For groups from 10 people: all tours are available at any time of the year. Contact with us to organize it!
High Season: June, July, August and September
09.00 hrsGarraf WineriesSant Sadurní Penedes Wineries
18.00 hrsSitges with Kids
19.00 hrsSitges Free TourSitges Free Tour
20.30 hrsSitges Tapas TourSitges Tapas Tour
22.00 hrsTour Sitges by Night


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Tour Vinos del Garraf - Garraf Wineries Tour
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